Barilla Center For Food & Nutrition

Barilla Center For Food & Nutrition
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The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation (BCFN Foundation) is a  think tank whose objective is to analyse  the big issues related to food and nutrition worldwide. BCFN’s multidisciplinary approach is based on an understanding of cause and effect relationships amongst economic, scientific, social and environmental factors. BCFN is committed to pointing out urgencies with regard to food and nutrition within the political agendas of opinion leaders and decision makers all over the Planet. It acts both as a  collector and connector between science and research on the one hand and political decision and government actions on the other. The aim of such activity is to create an open dialogue while favouring people’s widespread well-being, by tackling with passion the challenges of the future to promote change. To this end, it employs a series of tools including debates and forums open to the public and innovative research programmes achieved through the contribution of a vast network of international experts and wide circulation of results, through publications and elaboration of documents to promote debates and actions, such as the Milan Protocol and the Youth Manifesto.
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