Circular Economy in Italy

The recycling supply chain: backbone of a waste free economy

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This is the first comprehensive review of the circular economy in Italy. It broadens the scope of investigation to new sectors, such as the water system and maintenance. The results are surprising and contradict various commonly held assumptions. In fact, the circular economy in Italy has a turnover of 88 billion euros and employs 575,000 people. This adds up to around 1.5% of national added value: almost contributing as much as the energy sector or textile industry. The recycling of secondary materials in the Italian economy engenders potential savings of up to 21 million tonnes of oil equivalent and 58 million tonnes of CO2. This amounts to 12.5% of demand for internal energy and 14.6% of emissions respectively.

These are all numbers that highlight how Italy has become a Circular Economy pioneer. They show how Italy is the most highly performing economy in Europe in terms of productivity of materials used and in the use of recycled materials, not least of which thanks to their exceptional propensity for industrial recycling.
Preface by Simona Bonafè

Introduction by Carlo Montalbetti

1. A review of the circular economy in Italy
1.1 The size of the circular economy in Italy
1.2 The top performers in Italy’s circular economy system
1.2.1 Productivity of resources and consumption of materials
1.2.2 The rate of use of secondary materials in the economy (rate of use circularity)
1.2.3 Italy as a leader in the recycling of waste
1.3 The contribution of recycling to fighting global warming and energy consumption
1.4 A new pillar of the circular economy: saving and recycling of water
1.5 The main data behind the circular economy system in Italy
1.5.1 Maintenance and repair activities
1.5.2 Prevention: reuse and rental of goods
1.6 The manufacturing industry of recycled secondary materials
1.7 The water cycle

2. Challenges and policies for the future of Italy’s recycling industry
2.1 The globalisation of recycling seems to have reached its climax, and the demand from developing countries is no longer growing
2.2 An industrial policy for the recycling sector
2.3 A revision of fiscal measures for the circular economy and recycling
2.4 Implementating and monitoring the GPP and integrating CAM in procurement contracts effectivly
2.5 Create a system between waste collection, research and industry so as to amplify the market for recycling through industrial innovation
2.6 The future of recycling: don’t dismantel what we have, but give it a new circular economy objective

3. The circular economy in Italy
3.1 The circular economy components
3.1.1 Prevention and reuse
3.1.2 Maintenance and repair
3.1.3. Production, collection, preparation and recycling of waste: the basic numbers
3.1.4 The sector for waste collection destined for recycling
3.1.5 The waste preparation for recyling industry
3.1.6 The manufaturing industry of recycling

4. an economic evaluation of the manufacturing industry of recycling
4.1 Water cycle
4.2 Rental services
4.3 Other services

5. The contribution of recycling to a reduction in global warming and energy
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