The Intelligence of Nature

3D farming and 11 more unstoppable trends that are revolutioning the production of food and fuel, regenerating nature, and rebuilding communities

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The 12 trends presented in The Intelligence of Nature concern the entire economic system, but first of all they apply in agriculture and the agri-food industry, which, in addition to condemning us to eat tasteless and unhealthy foods, contribute massively to global warming and to the depletion of fundamental resources such as soil and water. In fact, according to Pauli, it is precisely from the food production system that it needs to start that transformation into the 3D economy that is capable of generating value for communities and dignity for all their members, reducing inequalities and counteracting the most dangerous effects of climate change and environmental degradation.
by Carlo Petrini

Introduction—a more-and-better strategy
Trend 1—from 2D to 3D
Trend 2—from use what you can get to use what you have
Trend 3—from producing the cheapest to delivering the most value
Trend 4—from profits for a few to multiple benefits for all
Trend 5—from maximize to optimize
Trend 6—from standardization to diversity
Trend 7—from chemistry and genetics to physics
Trend 8—from biodegradable and sustainable to renewable
Trend 9—from control to resilience
Trend 10—from scarcity to abundance
Trend 11—from protecting nature to regenerating ecosystems
Trend 12—from the divide between good and bad to always being able to do better
More and better—captains of legacy
Epilogue—yes, we are changing the world

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The hundreds of fables that translate the 12 trends into reality for children
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