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Edizioni Ambiente is the leading italian publisher on environment and sustainability issues, operating from the early 90’s.


Edizioni Ambiente was born in 1993, when the idea of a sustainable way of development started gaining scope in the international agenda, on the media and in cultural and political debate. From the beginning we have adopted a wide and inclusive conception of the environmental issues, considering the centrality of the “natural capital” with different approaches: social, economical, cultural, and technical.


After an intense period of collaboration with the principal environmental associations and NGOs, Edizioni Ambiente quickly becomes an editorial point of reference. In the meantime, we started to work particularly on the issues related to waste management and its regulation, working in a strict contact with the sectors of economy and society involved in this problem.


In 1995, when in Italy the use of the Internet was still an unknown territory, Edizioni Ambiente creates, that rapidly achieves the status of an essential information tool about the environmental issues, utilized by all the subjects interested: from business to local governments, from professionals to teachers, and so on.


During the following years, we have implemented a wider project for the diffusion of environmental culture, working on different series of books.

This effort leads us to publish the works of the most important opinion leaders, like Lester Brown, Amory Lovins, Norman Myers, Vandana Shiva, Paul Hawken, Paul Ehrlich and Mathis Wackernagel. In the recent years we have started to give more attention to italian authors, finding some titles of absolute relevance even in an international perspective, like “Dalla caverna alla casa ecologica” (From the cave to the ecological house: a story of comfort and energy) by Federico Butera, and “Quotidiano sostenibile” (Sustainable everyday) by Ezio Manzini.

From 1998 Edizioni Ambiente is the italian partner for the publication of “State of the World”, the annual survey on environmental and sustainability issues, compiled by the Washington based Worldwatch Institute.


From 2003 we have started with a series of handbooks about sustainability in architecture, publishing the international bestseller “Architecture écologique” by the french journalist and architect Dominique Gauzin Müller. Now we are working to enrich this area of publications, with technical handbooks (on sustainable insulation materials, on solar systems, on energy efficiency and so on) and illustrated about sustainable projects of different building typologies. In this area we have established a collaboration with the most important research institutes and associations.


In 2007 the activity of Edizioni Ambiente has been focused particularly on the launch of “Verdenero – noir di ecomafia”, a series of noir and crime stories, written by the most important italian noir writers and inspired by real cases of environmental crimes. After a few years, the editorial proposal grew with novels and reportage.


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