Bioplastics: A case study of Bioeconomy in Italy

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Bioplastics: A case study of Bioeconomy in Italy provides a no-nonsense case in support of public policies that modify consumption patterns, contribute solving environmental issues while stimulating product and process innovation all along a product’s life-cycle.

Analysis of legislation introduced in Italy in 2011 to effectively impose both re-usable, i.e. durable bags, and single-use biodegradable compostable carrier bags details a success story:

— consumers have changed their behaviour by cutting down single-use carrier bags by 50%;

— biodegradable, compostable carrier bags have substituted the remaining single-use carrier bags, thus triggering further positive effects by becoming:

— bio-waste collection containers that favour recycling

— communication vehicles by being and carrying appropriate messages.

Furthermore this has supported the market uptake of innovative, sustainable niche products thus fostering innovation and development of the bioeconomy.


Chimico, allievo di Vincenzo Balzani, assistente di Umberto Colombo all’ENEA, è stato presidente della National Agency for the Protection of the Environment e membro del Comitato scientifico dell’Agenzia europea dell’ambiente, di cui oggi è membro onorario. Nel corso della sua carriera si è occupato con passione di politiche ambientali, di protezione del territorio e digestione dei rifiuti.


Walter Ganapini

Corrado Clini, Minister for the Environment

Catia Bastioli, President of Kyoto Club

Executive Summary

Part 1 - Bioplastics: A Case Study of Bioeconomy in Italy
Walter Ganapini

1. The Environmental Context

2. Italian Measures on Carrier Bags, and their Impact

3. The Anti-Crisis Potential of Biodegradable Bioplastics


Part 2 - Documents

1. Abstract from “Report on the Italian Packaging Industry: Packaging Statistics 2012”

2. Abstract from “The Structure of the Bubble Film Extrusion Sector”

3. Abstract from “Urban Waste Report 2012”

4. Abstract from “Technical Report 2012”

5. Abstract from “Green Chemistry Observatory – Attitude of the Italian Public to the New Bio-Carrier Bags”

6. Abstract from “Final Report of The Working Group Biodegradable Packaging Recovery Project”

7. Abstract of The Results of “The Gionha Project (Governance and Integrated Observation of Marine Natural Habitat)”

8. Abstract from “Plan of Strategic Development of The Italian Green Chemistry Cluster”

9. Abstract from “Review on Marine Biodegradation of Compostable Carrier Bags”

10. Abstract from “Biobased and Biodegradable Carrier Bags. Is Competition Between Bioplastics and Food a Real Issue?”

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